Tips On How To Make It Appear Your First Time In a Casino's Poker Room

Poker strategy begins at the casinos poker room doors. From the moment you walk in till the moment you leave, people are watching you to try to get a read on you as a player. Starting the bluff here will give you help down the road. 

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Making other gamblers in a casino poker room can give you a big advantage. Here are some ways you can make it seem like it is your first time in a casinos poker room.

Looking impressed when being escorted to a Texas holdem poker table in the poker room would be a sign that you have not been in the casino. The closer you get t the table the harder the other players will be checking you out. When you get to the table make a stupid joke, it will make you seem stupid and will help you pull off the "I don't know what I am doing" look on your face. This will make sure the other layers will not give you any respect and this is what you want. You want them checking you out and looking to see what are your tells and how good a poker face you have.

During the game make a face when you have a bad hand, but do it just for a minute then make sure to look around the table nervously to see if anyone noticed, but do not make eye contact with them make it seem like you did not notice them. If someone did notice they will think you have a bad poker face and must be a beginner. If more then one person saw you then fold the hand. Someone who has been playing poker for any length of time would never make a mistake like that.

During the game, eventually you will get a good hand, when this occurs you should start betting big and keep raising the bet, then if someone challenges you try to raise the bet past the table limit. This will make it obvious that you have very little experience in a casino. The point is that you need to win this hand, so do not start raising the bet unless you are sure you have a good chance of winning. You should make sure to have at least a full house in your hand at the time, but if you do lose the hand it also lend credibility to the illusion that you o not know what you are doing in the poker room.

Make sure that after you first sit down you are playing poorly. Bet when you have nothing and stay in every hand even if all you have is a wild card. I would assume that a fish like that was just really stupid and I would look forward to taking home some of their money, and this just sets them up for you to take their cash to your bank.

Just as you should dress for success in the business world in the world of casino poker room Texas holdem you have to dress right. Normally you would not want to look like an idiot at the poker table, but in this case you do want to look stupid. If you watch poker on TV you see how the pros dress, this is not at all how a normal gambler would dress in a poker room, but if you dress like this the people will think that you just watch too much television and won't take you for a serious player.

Always Remember you want people to think that you are a first time player, but you also want to win some money, so playing foolish the entire time will make them think that you obviously do not know how to play, but you are not going to win any of their money and they are going to go home with yours. This is not the kind of thing that you need to set up for the next time you are at that casino.
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